Meet Jenny

Wedding planner and -stylist with an eye for details

I’m Jenny, the person behind J.A. Weddings.

I’m a hopeless romantic who’s seen “Love Actually” and the film adaptations of Jane Austen’s books too many times.

I have a weakness for grandiose castles and old stuff. If I were to remarry I would do it on a vineyard in Sicily or a grand chateau in France… or an elegant castle in England…

I was born and raised in Skåne but I’ve always been curious about the world and thus travel as much as I can. I’ve worked as a tour guide in Tunisia and Greece and studied french in the south of France. Even though I love to travel I’ve always returned to Skåne again.

Why a wedding planner?

When I was little I wanted to become an archaeologist (or ice princess). As an adult I enrolled in Service Management at Lund University. Eventually I ended up working at The Royal Armoury in Stockholm where I worked with various events and exhibitions. Every time a bridal couple came wanted to look at our venue I felt an extra tingle. It took a few years (and my own wedding) before I realized I could work with wedding planning. I took a course with The Wedding Academy and became a wedding planner. Shortly thereafter, I started J.A. Weddings and work full time to help bridal couples plan their dream wedding.

As a wedding planner I am:


I put my heart and soul into my company and love to meet all expectant brides and grooms, hear your love stories and realize your (sometimes crazy) plans. Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding or a grand castle wedding, I am there to guide you.


Jag ser till att ingenting glöms och förbereder allting minutiöst. Jag gör detaljerade körscheman och dubbelkollar tider. Allt för att ni ska kunna slappna av och njuta av er dag medan jag tar hand om “det tråkiga”.

Focused on solutions

I love figuring out solutions to everything from logistical challenges to budget-friendly alternatives. I always have a plan B (usually a plan C and D as well) so that you can feel confident in getting the best solution for you.


I make sure that nothing is forgotten and prepare everything meticulously. I do detailed driving schedules and double check times. All so that you can relax and enjoy your day while I take care of “the boring”.

Are you curious about what I can do for you? Contact me to book a free meeting.